Freight forwarders appeal to President over challenges at Tema Port

Addressing a press conference at the port yesterday, the National President of the Ghana Institute of Freight Forwarders (GIFF), Mr Edward Akrong, claimed that “there are no administrative controls, as the system’s log-in architecture stops the administrator from having any oversight control once a log-in credential has been created for the assigns (other users)”.

He also alleged that getting tax identification numbers (TINs) to automatically populate (load) onto the system for continual process of clearance was still fraught with challenges, as it had been since the inception of the system.

The mandatory roll out of the system last week, Mr Akrong further claimed, had led to increased cost for importers and agents because the system was not fully integrated with the systems of terminal operators, shipping lines, ground handlers and some courier stations.

“This has led to the re-emergence of manual processes of release of consignments, to our chagrin, while declarations could also get locked up in the system for weeks, since there are no benchmarks for redress,” he added.

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